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African Mango

African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) – Benefits & Side effects, Reviews

African mango(Irvingia gabonensis) generally grows in canopied jungles. African mango is very well known as a tress that has fruits in it that are very similar to mangoes. These mangoes are named as wild mangoes, African mangoes, dika nut, bush mango, odika, and iba-tress. African mangoes are available in a fresh and dried manner. They are very powerful in both the ways. The extract of these African mangoes either comes in liquid form or a capsule form. Essential oils are also prepared from these African mango seeds. This oil is similar to the cooking oils and can be used even for cooking and also for margarine. These oils are also used in soap and cosmetic manufacturing further. Apart from this, even the flour can be created from the kernels and the food thickening paste.

African Mango extract

African mangoes are a juicy fruit and it is full of rich vitamins and healthy stuff. African mangoes are also very well known for the wine that they produce. A quality wine which has 8 percent alcohol in it is made out of these African mangoes. These are prepared after 28 days of fermentation. The fresh bark of these African mangoes is used to change the palm wine taste. Apart from these, African mangoes are also used to prepare food items namely jam, jelly, juice, and dessert. The pulp of this African mangoes is also used to create black dye for cloth coloration. The barks of this tree are used to do furniture. It is said to be one of the most durable furniture.

African Mango weight loss

African Mango weightlossNow are you thinking does it helps in weight loss? Of course, it does! African mangoes are one of the beneficial and powerful supplements of weight loss. Since it is naturally obtained and it has natural qualities of reducing the weight, it does not have any sort of harmful side effects to affect you.  It naturally burns all the toxins and bad fat in the body and helps to reduce the body weight day by day. It is not only a miracle product to reduce body weight, but it also improves the metabolism, improves the oxidation of fat, fights fatigue and also boosts energy. They also help to reduce the chances of being a diabetic patient.

Diabetes is one such common problem that is killing many people all over the world. African mango extract is an excellent supplement for diabetes. It also lowers the blood glucose levels naturally and then normalizes the erythrocyte membrane in your body. African mangoes also help to stabilize the plasma lips and lower the cholesterol levels. Apart from this African mangoes also improves the metabolic parameters in the leptin levels, LDL cholesterol, plasma total cholesterol, glucose adiponectin in blood and C-reactive protein.

African Mango cleanse

African Mango cleanseAfrican mango cleanse is very well known as Total body detox. It helps to promote a healthy weight management. African mangoes are colon cleansers which help to detox the body with the nutrients and all the healthy stuff that are present in African mangoes. African mangoes not only helps to reduce the weight, but it also helps to remove all those toxins and the waste from the body.

African mango seed extract powder

African mango extracts are available in the form of powder, liquids, and capsules. These products are available from the market and also through the internet. Usually, the recommended dosage is 150 mg and it should be consumed twice a day along with food. If you are not able to consume it along with food, then it can be consumed even with warm water before 30 minutes of your meal. If in case any dosage is prescribed on the package, it can also be followed. If you are undergoing any treatment, then it is advisable to consult a doctor and then start consuming this.

African mango side effects

Since it is a natural and organic supplement for weight loss, it does not have any sort of severe side effects. There are a few minor side effects listed below,

  • Increases libido: consumption of African mangoes will increase the sex drive for both men and women.
  • Lack of sleep: consumption of African mangoes will lead to lack of sleep. People often feel difficult to sleep because of the caffeine levels.
  • A headache and dehydration may also occur while consuming these African mangoes.
  • Flatulence: this is very well known as farting and passing of wind. It is also one of the side effects of these African mangoes.
  • Flue: consumption of African mangoes will also cause flue sometimes.

African mango review

The people who use African mangoes have reduced up to 8 to 10 pounds. This reduction in weighs this done without a change in their lifestyle. It is said that they are 100 percent safe and organic. It works very well to reduce the belly fat. It contains vitamin B due to which all the fat burns quickly and the metabolism gets increased. African mangoes can be purchased in any of the medical stores or through online also. African mango is undoubtedly one such weight loss supplements that work like a miracle without causing any sort of serious side effects.