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Banana Stem Health Benefits

Banana stem is one of the most medicinal vegetables with low prices. Many of us know that plantain stem is a great medicine for many diseases. The food we eat today is spicy and dry food. Today’s young generation consumes chemicals rich cold drinks and fast foods.

Banana Stem Uses

Kidney Problems

Banana stem is an excellent remedy for diseases of the kidney stone, irritation, infections and stone blockage in the kidney.

Weight Loss

Somebody will say you look like plantain stem. The water and fiber in the plantain stem reduces excessive flesh and can transform the body. Vitamin b6 helps in the production of hemoglobin and insulin. Potassium in it strengthens the heart muscle.

plantain stem juice helps to reduce the hunger sensation and makes weight loss easier. This is the first drug for those who want to lose weight because they contain nutrients that do not cause fatigue.

To Keep Diabetes Under Control

Banana stem is one of the foodstuffs that limit the amount of diabetes. Nutrients in plantain stem naturally increase insulin production. People with diabetes can take it twice for a week.

Other Uses

Drinking plantain stem juice on the empty stomach will cure cyst. Adding more banana bulb in the summer can reduce body heat.

How To Use Plantain Stem

Banana stem juice and half cup radish juice both drink in the morning and evening will cure water irritation. In any type of diet should include banana stem because it’s very good for our health