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Health Benefits and Side effects of Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an annual plant in the family legume. methi greens, flower and seeds are has all medicinal properties. Fenugreek grows in the South Indian and Middle East regions of India. It contains many nutrients & very cooling for body. It’s low in calories, rich in protein, fiber, fat, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin A.

Fenugreek leaves, seeds and powder are usually used in cooking, but they also have amazing health and beauty benefits. Most of its use in beauty and health remedies is in its raw form.

“Diet is the medicine” is the ideology of our paranoia. Accordingly, many of our country’s native herbs are included in our daily diet. One of those is fenugreek. This fenugreek is a cure for a variety of ailments and disorders.

Uses of Fenugreek

Helpful During Menstruation

Fenugreek is an excellent remedy for abdominal pain and discomfort during menstruation. If the fenugreek continues to eat, the reefs and irregular menstruation will be okay.

The consumption of fenugreek powder during periods helps to alleviate menstrual cramps and other symptoms associated with menstruation like headaches and nausea.

Reduces Cholesterol

Eat regularly fenugreek and amount of unnecessary fats will reduce. Heart attacks, strokes, cramps and gas problems can be completely decreases.

Helps to secrete mother’s milk

Fenugreek is helpful in everything from women’s menstrual problems to the first milking problem Breast milk can be increased if dill is mixed with milk. Doctors have proven that uterus can shrink if you continue to eat fenugreek.

Prevention of cancer

Fenugreeks have many natural chemicals, its preventing cancer cells. People with cancer may also be consuming too much of this to reduce the severity of cancer.

Reduces the Cardiovascular Risk

Excessive fiber in fenugreek so strengthens our heart. This helps to prevent heart attacks.

Solve Hair loss problem

The hair protects external warming from the scalp. But nowadays hair loss is a major problem. Grind a little fenugreek in water, mix it with green tea, rub it on your head and wash your hair. Doing this regularly will reduce hair loss problems after Hair is soft.

Kidney problems

The kidneys perform the functions of excreting toxic substances in the blood. To prevent the formation of stones in the kidneys drink fenugreek soak water or fenugreek boiling water.

Skin diseases

Itchy skin rashes on our skin and some insect bites cause blistering sores. At this time use fenugreek powder prevent our skin.

Removes Ulcer: Methi will be protecting ulcers, pains and blisters in the throat. It provides good relief from coughing and sore throat.

Improve weight loss : Fenugreek may suppress the appetite and increase feelings of fullness, which could help reduce overeating and lead to weight loss.

Side Effects of fenugreek

Eating too much of any food can have side effects. There is no problem to eat limit otherwise will be side effect.

  • Too much of fenugreek can be harmful during pregnancy
  • It can cause allergies to some people
  • It’s possibly unsafe when taken by mouth in children so this is not good for kids
  • It can cause diarrhea to some people