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Erectile Dysfunction – Cause, Cure and Prevention for Men Health

Erectile Dysfunction or in short medical term ED is a male sexual disorder. This can become permanent if not treated in the 1st stage or initial stage. If not it can cause unsatisfied sexual life with your life partner. ED cans eventual lead to depression, divorce, and even a tendency to do suicide. The fact is ED can come and go in any stage of life. Yet, it will be very disappointing, when it occurs during the 20s to 40s. Today, modern medicines are there in allopathic and alternative medicines to cure ED. In this health article, we have briefed in simple language to know about ED, its case, cure, and prevention.

What is erectile dysfunction?

ED is a state, where a man cannot hold his erection to be strong enough to ejaculate. This can be during lovemaking or unable to get an erection when it is necessary. ED can occur soon after puberty. Yet, this is for the short term only. However, one must be very serious, when they are major or above 18-years old. You must consult with a sexologist when you are not able to get an erection even after reading or watching a prone content. This can be in reality when you see the opposite sex with 40% dressing. In such a case, you have to consult and take ED medication as per the advice of your doctor.

What does erectile dysfunction mean?

Erectile dysfunction means a soft erection. Here, a man with an ED problem cannot indulge in penetrative intercourse. This can cause infertility issues with married couples. Here, it is his problem. In such a case, a sexually active woman can reject you. If you are married, your spouse may tempt to have extramarital relationships due to your ED issues. Thus, the ED meaning can differ with age, being young and married stage. It is how you and your opposite sex collaborates may think of your impotent condition.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Today, most of the ED cases are reported in the cities than in rural areas. This is due to the modern lifestyle and 24/7 work culture. Yet, there are biological and lifestyle-related causes.

Smoking Cigarettes and Chewing Tobacco Products

Tobacco products ultimately affect your overall body health. They mainly affect the blood and nerve system, which is one of the causes of becoming ED.

Chronic Diseases

People with prolonged high blood glucose levels cannot get a hard erection due to male genital nerve damages. This can make your blood thick and it will not flow towards your male shaft at the needed time. Being diabetic is one of the signs of ED.

Junk Foods and Fast Foods

Today’s generation does not carry home-cooked food. They all depend on fast food and junk food. They are rich in all kinds of fats. Consuming them will lead to a high cholesterol level. They ultimately block your blood flow towards the male genital. This can cause ED by getting a soft erection.

Sedentary Lifestyle

The people living in big cities mainly do a desk job. They are immobile too. This can cause obesity in the long run. They do eat junk foods and carbonated beverages. Obesity can cause erectile dysfunction in the later stage.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

ED in 1st stage

The moment you feel soft erection, you must go for a checkup. Your doctor will check for this condition is due to physiological issue, due to lifestyle or due to hereditary. Your doctor will prescribe the right ED medicine as per your stage of erectile dysfunction.

ED in 2nd Stage

You are getting an erection but unable to do penetrative intercourse. Here, you must not be shy to discuss with a sexologist. You can also take your spouse with you to know where it goes wrong. Your doctor will recommend ED medicines to cure soon.

ED in 3rd Stage

Here, a man will not get an erection at all. This can happen after the 60s. Yet, today’s generation feels this state of sexual disorder in the 40s itself due to changes in lifestyle. Now, advanced ED medicines are available. Your doctor will recommend them after a consultation.

How to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently

  • A 30-minutes brisk walking before caution can maintain an erection for at least half an hour.
  • Cycling for an hour daily can make you potent at the needed time.
  • There are many ED cure Yogasanas or Yoga positions. You can cure ED without paying any money for ED medicines.
  • You must consume protein-rich food.

How to cure erectile dysfunction at home?

  • Ask your spouse to massage with lavender or cinnamon oil daily for 15-minutes in the morning.
  • Discuss your ED issue with your spouse and ask her to extend the foreplay.
  • Involve in caution, when there is enough time.
  • Consume egg white or albumin an hour before lovemaking.
  • Do ED cure Yoga’s or exercises daily in the morning.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

First, you must not be shy to discuss with your spouse, girlfriend and even with a sexologist. ED treatment is with alternative medicines and allopathic. The alternative medicines will take at least 6-months to cure ED. Allopathic medicines will show the result after an hour of taking ED medicines in oral or spray forms.

How common is erectile dysfunction?

ED is common to see with men who are mostly immobile due to work nature or due to obesity. If erectile dysfunction is hereditary in your family, there are chances to get in your 30s. Today, physiological issues are becoming one of the reasons to state themselves they are impotent. This can be due to willing for pre-marital sex, trying to have a quickie and getting disappointed when it is not working on the needed time and your opposite sex is ready. In the present world, ED is common to see with the age group of 20-plus.