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Hair Loss : Causes, Prevention and Cure

Hair loss is a major issue to see in this modern world with women and men. Hair loss due to aging is natural and unavoidable. Yet, the present generation and people living in big cities see this dermal health issue in the teenage itself. When they grow big, they are becoming bald and prone to social stigma. This is because; rapid hair loss makes a person bald soon. Here, we have discussed its cause, prevention, and care.

Hair Loss Causes

Unhealthy eating practice and bad sleep is a major cause for people living in big cities. Moreover, they use synthetic cosmetics and frequently change his or her hair styling by the means of electrical and electronic saloon products. Thirdly, they used to comb their hair frequently, use a hot dryer to dry their hair and use rough towels too. Hair loss is natural to see with people whose family has a history of baldness. A low T-level in men does cause frequent hair loss above the 20s. Women with some gynecological issues do find frequent hair loss. Hair loss is common to find with people consuming allopathic medication in a course.

Hair Loss Prevention

It is advisable to consult with a dermatologist when you find more than 100-hair strands falling every day. They will recommend the right medication and hair care treatment. If you wish to go natural, you can try herbal hair care products. It is advisable to stop all bad lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and consuming fast foods. You can go vegetarian and consume more leafy greens to prevent hair loss naturally. It will be better to stop consuming red meats and eat seafood instead if you are a non-vegetarian. The vegetarians must consume more of leafy greens to prevent hair loss naturally. You must take care of your scalp health by bathing daily and use an herbal shampoo to cleanse your scalp daily.

Hair Loss Treatment

Women and men can cure hair loss naturally (Aloe Vera), with medication and surgical ways. You can go natural by using herbal hair care products. A dermatologist will prescribe anti-oxidants, biotin solution or tablets, Minixodil foam, Finasteride tablets, multi-vitamin, and mineral tablets. If you seek instant results, you can avail injecting platelet-rich plasma and hair transplant in the hair fall areas from a reputed cosmetic surgeon.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Hair loss

1. How to prevent hair loss in women & men?

Women and men can prevent hair loss by consuming protein-rich food. You must consume more of green leafy vegetables. You must also apply tropical oils made of coconut, jojoba, almond, or Amla oil. You must also do a scalp massage weekly once with any of these hair oils in Lukewarm condition.

2. How to stop hair loss in women & men?

Women and men can stop hair loss by taking care of them properly. You must stop using helmets. You must not wear a scarf or cap throughout the day. You must stop using hard hair care accessories. You must stop the frequent combing of your hair. You must stop hair coloring, hair straightening, and hair curling.

3. What causes hair loss in women & men?

The low production of testosterone causes hair loss in men. Similarly, heavy menstruation and malnutrition cause hair loss in women. Both women and men are prone to air pollution and using bleach mixed water in the cities. They are external or environmental causes for hair loss.

4. How much hair loss is normal?

It is normal to find hair falling while in combing and taking a shower bath. Women and men can find nearly from in-between 50-hair strands to 100-hair strands in a day. This is a normal condition for men and women up to the age of 45-years. It is advisable to count the fallen hair strands once n a month.

5. How to reverse hair loss from the medication?

Dermatologists mostly recommend anti-oxidants, Minoxidil topical solution, multivitamin, and mineral tablets. The minimally invasive ways to reverse hair loss is through injecting platelet-rich plasma on the hair fall area. This can naturally grow near hair in those areas. The surgical way to reverse hair loss is with hair transplantation.

6. How to reduce hair loss?

You can reduce hair fall by taking care of them properly. You must eat healthily and sleep at least a minimum of 8-hours during the night. You must use herbal oil and herbal hair care products. Cut short your hair if it is curly. You must use wide teeth combs for hair styling.

7. What can cause hair loss?

Biological causes for hair loss are aging; low testosterone level in men, dandruff, and alopecia is heredity in one or both the parental side. Lifestyle causes are wearing headgears, applying chemical-based hair care cosmetics and hair care accessories. Consuming alcohol, smoking, and eating junk and fast foods too cause hair fall.

8. How to stop hair loss and re-grow hair naturally?

You can stop hair loss and re-grow hair naturally by using naturals or herbal hair care products. They are available to curb dandruff, improve scalp and hair health. It is advisable to apply herbal topical oils to stop hair fall and re-grow hair naturally. You must use a soft towel to dry your hair after a bath.

9. Which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss?

Vitamin B, C and D deficiency can cause hair fall in women and men. It is advisable to consume citrus fruits, leafy greens, fish, beef, and fresh vegetables. Moreover, your head must be exposed to early morning sunlight to get vitamin D naturally.

10. How to stop hair loss due to medication?

It is advisable to consult with a dermatologist when you take any medication to cure chronic illness for a longer period. This can cause thinning of hair and finally leads to hair loss. Your dermatologist may recommend biotin supplements, Minoxidil gel, and Finasteride tablets to stop hair loss due to medication.