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Muira Puama

Muira Puama Health Benefits & Side effects

There are a wide variety of plants that are very useful as a medicine for a whole lot of health issues. They are purely natural and entirely organic to use. One such plant is Muira Puama. Muira Puama is a plant which is used as a medicinal plant, most importantly the roots and the wood of the steam is instrumental as a medicine. Muira Puama plant is used to cure sexual disorders. This medicine is consumed to increase people’s interest in sex. Apart from this, Muira puama is also used to get rid of lousy stomach, irregular menstrual cycle, pain in joints and also for paralysis. Muira puama cures paralysis caused because of poliomyelitis, a usual tonic, and an appetite stimulant.

Muira Puama extract

extractMuira Puama extract can be used directly on the human body. People apply this extract directly on the body when they are suffering from joint pains, muscle paralysis as rheumatism and aphrodisiac. Muira puama when combined with other Ayurveda herbs, it is also used to cure male sexual problems. Muira puama extract is also very well known as Bois de la puissance, Sexuelle marapuama, Potency wood, Ptychopetalum olacoides, Ptychopetalum uncinatum and also Ptychopetali lignum.

Benefits of Muira Puama

Muira Puama is majorly used to cure sexual disorders (Erectile dysfunction). It is said that consuming 2 to 6 tablets of an herbal product containing muira puama and ginkgo extract will improve the sexual interest in people. Not only for this, is the plant used as an excellent medicine for stomach upset, irregular periods, joint problems, lack of appetite and other such relevant issues. Above all Muira puama helps to increase the memory power of the human. It helps to promote the growth of neurons which in turn increase the memory capacity in human. It also helps to get rid of stress and tension. It helps people to get out of depression. Muira puama also helps in physical fatigue. Muira puama works very effectively in the case of mental and physical fatigue.

Muira puama root

Muira puama rootMuira puama root is most effective medicinal part of the plant. Muira puama root extract is available in the form of powder, juice and also in the form of pills. It is available in the market and you can also purchase it online. Muira puama is also available in merged form of medicine where it is combined with some other very us=effective organic medicine. The root extract alone is used to solve many problems, it solves a whole lot of problems when it is combined with other useful plants and medicines.

Muira Puama amazon

Muira Puama can be seen anywhere near your place in medicinal pharmacies and markets. You can also buy it in Amazon. Make sure you consume it post to the doctor’s advice and suggestion. Do follow the recommended dosage and timing while you are consuming the Muira puama product. Just make sure you buy a pure and organic muira puama product.

Muira puama plant

There is no appropriate or fixed dosage of consuming Muira puama. It depends on the personal health condition, age, and many other such factors. Till now the particular dosage and range of the medicine are not yet determined. Make sure you consult a doctor and then start consuming it as per their recommendation and advice. It is even better if you consult your doctor once in a few days frequently for better results. Muira puama plant helps in a great way to get rid of all the toxins and waste fat in the human body. It not only decreases the bad cholesterol, but it also increases the growth of good cholesterol in the body. It helps in gaining muscle weight and drops down the fat percentage of the body by 18 percent maximum.

Muira puama side effects

Consuming muira puama, however, does not have any sort of acute effects. It causes sore stomach and headache. It also causes a rapid fall in blood pressure. It is recommended to consult a doctor before you start consuming Muira puama. The exact side effects of this muira puama plant has not been determined properly and appropriately. Muira puama may interfere with a few drugs. So be careful if you are undergoing any kind of treatments. Do confirm with the doctor and then start consuming it. Some of the drugs with which it will interact are given below,

  • Nitrates, for example, nitro-glycerine.
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Heart issues medications
  • Erectile dysfunction medications
  • Hormone imbalance medications
  • Steroids
  • Alzheimer’s medications

Be careful if you are consuming any of the above-given drugs. It is highly recommended not to use muira puama when you are undergoing medications for heart issues, blood pressure issues, and many such relevant ones.