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Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet – One day you got up in the morning and saw that you gained a lot of weight in the past few months. It’s a very general problem faced by many of us and is not a thing to panic. You try many things to control your weight like gymming, jogging, making diet plans, etc. And no doubt, it will also help you in some of the other ways. But when it comes to your diet you make some unhealthy decisions. However, if you are a good decision maker you will never compromise with your health. Making some changes in your daily meals like switching to a carnivore diet can make a difference in your weight and if followed properly it will not affect your health too. A carnivore diet not only makes you lose weight but can also help in preventing the autoimmune issue, gut issue and some skin problems as well.

The carnivore diet is a very popular one amongst all the low-carb diets. As the name suggests, in this diet, you only consume meat and sometimes other dairy products like eggs throughout the diet plan and the intake of fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based food items are avoided.

After switching to a carnivores diet, many people experienced gradual weight loss, increased energy, higher testosterone, improvement in mental clarity and many other benefits. Although, it is very confining and unhealthy if consumed for a longer duration but “Shawn Baker”, a former American orthopedic doctor who is also a supporter of this diet says that following this diet may help in treating the problem of depression, anxiety, arthritis, diabetes and many more.

A carnivore diet is considered a variant of the keto diet, but there is a lot of difference between both of them. In keto, paleo and other low-carb diets you just reduce the intake of carbs, whereas a carnivore diet is completely a zero-carb diet i.e., no carbs at all. You just have to remember that you should only eat animal foods and avoid plant-based foods.

Here’s a proper Carnivore Diet Meal Plan to follow:

  • BREAKFAST: scrambled eggs with bacon and black coffee or coffee with heavy cream on it.
  • LUNCH: grass-fed burgers with bacon and cheese (only if you can eat dairy products)and water.
  • DINNER: porterhouse or ribeye steak.

In a carnivore diet, your main focus should be on fatty meat, especially BEEF. Though you can consume lamb, pork, chicken and all types of fish like salmon, tuna which are high in omega-3 content. But Beef is a must. And if you like eating dairy products then try to add eggs, butter, heavy whipping cream, and hard cheese in your diet which are low in carbs.

Your Go-To Beef Cuts:

  • Steaks (ribeye, sirloin, strip, chuck eye)
  • Roasts (prime rib, chuck, brisket)
  • Ground Beef
  • Organ meats like liver, heart, tongue, bone marrow. Though many people don’t like it and it is not compulsory to consume but they are known as an excellent source of nutrients.

In Beverages:

  • Water (mineral or normal water)
  • Bone broth
  • Coffee
  • Tea



There is a point to note that, coffee is a plant extract and caffeine is a natural insecticide. Although, most of us like drinking coffee and tea but some avoid it due to excess of caffeine and plant extract. Therefore, if you are a coffee lover, it is also recommended that you should consume it for at least 30 days regularly.

Since you are not taking any carbohydrates, your body needs sufficient calories which will come from some fatty pieces of meat. However, animal fat like lard, tallow, ghee, schmaltz is known as a standard carnivore diet plan. Some people like dairy products too but they should remember not to take milk because it contains carbohydrates.

What to avoid in the carnivore diet?

It’s a very genuine thing when comes to what you should not eat on a carnivore diet.

All plant-based food items: vegetables or any plant-based food items are strictly restricted in a carnivore diet. Some people who take it very seriously, don’t even cook their food in olive oil and prefer using lard, tallow or bacon instead of that.

Supplements: the theory behind the carnivore diet says that, if you are switching to a zero-carb diet, your nutritional needs also get changed and all the vitamins and minerals your body needs will only come from meat.

In short, anything that isn’t made of meat is not allowed in this diet like vegetables, fruits, seed, nuts, bread, legumes, grains, pasta, etc.

How does the carnivore diet help in weight loss?

The high protein and low-carb diets are very helpful in losing weight. This is because an excess of protein intake makes you full after every meal which reduces the calorie intake and in turn helps in gradual weight loss. Proteins, however, also helps in increasing the metabolic rate. Some studies have also shown that an increase in protein intake and a decrease in carb intake may lead to weight loss comfortably than other diets which are generally low in protein and higher in carbs. Although you don’t need to remove carbs completely from your diet to lose weight, you can just reduce your overall calorie intake for that.

Carnivore Diet Benefits

After some researches, there come a few benefits of eating a carnivore diet. These are:

  • A simple way of eating: You don’t have to shop so much for this diet. All you have to do is to keep a stock of meat in your house and keep eating it every day an insufficient amount. You don’t have to count calories in it.
  • May help in improving digestion: Switching to the carnivore diet reduces the intake of plant-based foods which may help in improving some health problems related to our digestive system. Plants contain some anti-nutrients like lectins, which is hard to digest and can become a threat to our growth and health.
  • Decreases inflammation: Some research studies show that the low-carb, high-fat dieters have a lower systematic inflammation by the end of your third month of this diet. Therefore, carnivore helps you to manage inflammation completely.
  • Increase in testosterone levels: People who shifted to a low-fiber, high-fat diet for a minimum of two months, experienced 13% higher testosterone and 12-28% low estrogen.
  • Help in losing body fat: Shifting to a carnivore diet will put you on ketosis, which will conquer your appetite and burns up to 300 calories per day. It is easy to stay in a modest calorie deficit while you are on ketosis which in turn leads to sustained weight loss. If you can pair fasting with the carnivore diet, it is also a good option which will reduce your weight efficiently.

Though this diet may be a bit difficult for some people who are not habitual of eating meat if it’s providing you with what you are willing for, then you should not think so much. You can experiment with any diet to get proper nutrition but after good research so that it should not affect your health. Be realistic with your health. And if you find something unhealthy happening in your body, you should immediately look for any other solution.