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About Dolo 650 Tablet (Uses, Side effects & Dosage)


Introduction Dolo 650 mg tablet is from the family of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with a combination of Paracetamol. It is a commonly used painkiller to slow down fever and relief in pain. The medicine is specifically used to release enzyme from the brain which allows it to treat pain and fever. It activates certain receptors in the brain that inhibit ...

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Pantocid DSR Capsule – Uses, Dosage & Side effects

Pantocid DSR Capsule belongs to the family of dopamine antagonists group of drugs which is used to treat people suffering from vomiting and nausea due to gastrointestinal problems and Parkinson’s disease. It is prescribed to patients of acid reflux and peptic ulcer due to indigestion, heartburn, stomach pain or irritation. It is good to take medicine when prescribed by the ...

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Amoxicillin – Antibiotic to Cure Many Bacterial Infections


Most of us would have used Amoxicillin. Yet, they are traded in different names. That is why we are not aware of this world’s popular antibiotic. It can cure many bacterial infections in humans. This is why physicians prescribe them for any health issues as a β-lactam antibiotic. It has versatile usage and this drug is affordable too. Here, we ...

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